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Entry-level jobs in Digital Marketing

$60K/year average potential salary

We're a recruiting agency specialized in entry-level jobs in digital marketing, so even if you don't have education or experience in the digital marketing industry, you're at the right place.   

Recently, LinkedIn reported that "The U.S. needs 230,000 more people with marketing skills". On top of that, there is

a major "skills gap" caused by outdated education, and modern skills not being taught in colleges. Jobs are evolving faster than people are being educated which leaves an enormous opportunity for people who actually get skills employers desperately need.

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However, before blowing thousands of dollars on a degree or certification, check out more efficient and affordable ways to learn these skills.  Be careful! For-profit colleges have seized on this new market as a chance to charge ridiculous fees to learn these skills in a very inefficient manner.

Since digital advertising platforms are all geared towards end-users and based online, the training and experience necessary are not earned in a classroom, but online and through practical application.

People throw the words "Life-Changing" around a lot. But this is simple supply and demand in the job market, and

our recruiting agency is giving you access to a step by step blueprint to a secure $60K+/year career in the

in-demand field of digital marketing.  The skills you can acquire in Digital Marketing can be life-changing.  Entry-level salary ranges may be lower, but within a year can be leveled up to reach the $60K/year, and you have to get

some experience for that.

Our agency will give you access to a free mini-course on video where it will be explained in detail how this field of digital marketing exists, exactly what the jobs are, and how you can train yourself to be qualified to get into them.  


This free mini-course video training will walk you in detail through the job search process and will show you how to acquire in-demand skills quickly.  It will also show you how to "beat the experience paradox" - how to get real experience with these skills before your first job.  Finally, the mini-course will show you how to find and land a job

with your new resume and skills, then leverage that into a high paying career within a year.

Our recruiting agency has partnered with Seth Hymes, who runs the world's #1 digital marketing career guide. Seth has helped thousands of people get jobs with no previous experience or education. Seth Hymes is an educator, speaker, writer, and business coach.

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To find out if a career in digital marketing is right for you, please watch carefully Seth Hymes' free mini-course: How to Get a $60K/Yr Career in Digital Marketing. In this free mini-course, Seth discusses in detail how this field exists, exactly what the jobs are, and how you can train yourself to be qualified to get into them.  

Digital Marketing is one of the most secure and in-demand careers nowadays. People can earn high salaries without years of experience or being a techie.  You should really look into this industry, it will definitely help you whether you're an undergrad, grad, high school graduate, or just looking for a career change.

You can check Seth's free video training content by clicking the button below:

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If it sounds like hype or too good to be true, you really have to check out Seth's free mini-course.  The next step in your $60,000+/year career is to carefully watch the content of this eye-opening free mini-course.