Free Mini-Course: 

How to Get a $60K/Yr Career in Digital Marketing

By Seth Hymes: educator, speaker, writer, and business coach,

runs the world's #1 digital marketing career guide.

What You'll Discover in this 4-Part free mini-course:

Video 1: An In-Demand Field With High Growth
Learn about the field of Digital Marketing, which has created 100,000s of jobs and is part of Google and Facebook's massive earnings and exposure.

Video 2: The Skills Employers Desperately Need
Since these skills aren't taught in college, there's a massive need for people who have them.  Learn what the skills are and

how they can be learned online.

Video 3: High Paying Jobs Nobody Knows About
Learn about the specific roles that tech-savvy people can get into with minimal experience and hustle, then leverage into higher-paying jobs quickly. (It's because the jobs aren't even on most college's radar).

Video 4: Beating the Experience Paradox
Learn how to get the skills and experience to impress employers (before you've worked in the field) and get entry-level positions without more loans or school.

Digital Marketing is one of the most secure and in-demand careers nowadays. People can earn high salaries without years of experience or being a techie.


You should really look into this industry, it will definitely help you whether you're an undergrad, grad, high school graduate, or just looking for a career change.